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Flux - A Fast and Robust Solver

Flux 2D/3D the reliable simulation tool you need
to explore new design spaces

Flux: pioneering Technology

Flux has led the development of FEM simulation and it now has the capability to solve a fully coupled transient simulation which incorporates the following multi-physics relationships:

  • Electromagnetics

  • Thermal

  • Dielectric

  • External Electric Circuit

  • Rigid Body Motion

A rotational movement illustration with Flux

Flux 2D/3D: fast and robust solvers

Advanced physical properties for high performances calculations

A full range of physical models to simulate the low frequency behaviour of electromagnetic devices:


  • Static, steay state AC magnetic, transient

  • Circuit and mechanical couplings


  • Electrostatic, conduction


  • Steady state AC thermal, transient
Thermal couplings:

  • Electrothermal, magnetothermal

External Electric Circuit

Co-Simulation with Portunus and MATLAB / Simulink


Skewed geometries

High-performance computing with Cedrat Distribution Engine

Cedrat Distribution Engine allows saving computation time by launching simultaneously several Flux 2D/Skewed/3D solvers.

Thanks to CDE, several finite element evaluations needed by GOT-It can be run at the same time, instead of being done in a sequential way. As a consequence, the time needed to perform parametric studies, screening, design of experiment or optimization can be dramatically reduced in function of the number of processors used (see graph of performances).

Main features

  • Dedicated interface

  • For any Flux 2D and 3D applications

  • Automatic distribution and management of the computations

  • Distribution on single multi-core PC or cluster

  • Different packages of tokens depending on your needs

  • Available for Windows dependent OS 64-bits