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Benchmark Cases - Stiffened panel

  • With ESAComp, solid, sandwich and stiffened panels can be simulated using the integrated FE solver. Various stiffener cross sections are modeled using beam elements while shell elements are used for hat type stiffeners.
  • Beam stiffener cross sections are defined by specifying the main dimensions and selecting the laminate structures for the different parts of the section. In the panel specification, the locations of the stiffeners are specified.

  • The panel natural frequency analysis determines the ten lowest natural frequencies and the associated mode shapes.

  • The benchmark case [1] involves the study of the natural frequencies for two kinds of composite panels. The ESAComp results correlate extremely well with the published data for the solid panel. For the rib stiffened panels, the results are also in line with the published data. The deviation is less than 5% for all five lowest natural frequencies.


  • Reference:
    [1] Rikards R., Chate A. and Ozolinsh O., Analysis for buckling and vibrations of composite sti€ffened shells and plates,  Composite Structures 51 (2001) 361-370

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