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Benchmark Cases - Sandwich panel

  • ESAComp can be used for the simulation of sandwich panels with various configurations. The layer-wise structure may include, for instance, multiple core plies.
  • The model definition can be made either in the SI or British unit system. During the work process, the unit systems can be switched.
  • Several possibilities are provided for the definition of loads and boundary conditions. Hinge supports are one of the options among the pre-defined edge constraints. Symmetry can be used when applicable.
  • With ESAComp, the engineer can study the global behavior of the structure in terms of displacements, for example. The locations (elements) of interest can be selected from the model for detailed post processing. Numerical layer-wise stress results are often needed for reporting.
  • The benchmark case [1] is illustrated below. The study involves a quarter model of a three-layer sandwich shell under a uniform pressure load [2]. The ESAComp displacement and stress results correlate extremely well with the published data.
  • References:
    [1] Abaqus Benchmarks Manual, v6.8
    [2] Test R0031 1/3, NAFEMS publication R0031, "Composites Benchmarks", Feb 1995

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