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Benchmark Cases - Panel natural frequencies

  • Flat and curved composite panels can be designed with ESAComp. A panel is simply defined by giving its dimensions and by selecting the laminate.
  • The ESAComp laminate lay-up tool allows efficient creation of laminates from the ply materials defined in the database.
  • Boundary conditions can be configured independently for each edge of the panel and the corners.
  • The benchmark study [1] involves the natural frequency analysis of a cross ply laminate with free boundary conditions. The analysis results of ESAComp correlate very well with the published data in terms of frequencies and mode shapes.
  • Reference:
    [1] Ullah I. and Sinha J., Dynamics of Composite Plate by Experiment and Finite Element Analysis, European Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN 1450-216X Vol.55 No.2 (2011), pp.207-219

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