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Benchmark Cases - Hat stiffeners

  • With ESAComp, the designer can perform trade-off studies between different panel configurations: solid laminate panels, sandwich panels and stiffened panels. Panels are defined by the main dimensions and the selection of the associated laminate(s).
  • Several possibilities are provided for the definition of loads and boundary conditions. For example, in-plane normal and shear forces can be defined for the edges of the panel. Each edge is handled independently and the forces can vary linearly. Different types of load components can be combined.
  • The panel stability analysis of ESAComp calculates the first ten buckling load factors and the associated mode shapes.
  • The benchmark study [1] involves a buckling simulation for various composite panels loaded with in-plane normal force. For the solid panel, the ESAComp analysis results correlate extremely well with the published data in terms of the buckling load and mode shape. For the hat stiffened panel, the ESAComp results are conservative by 15%. This is due to the different approach for boundary conditions definition.
  • Reference:
    [1] Roberts J.C., Bao G., and White G.J., Experimental, numerical and analytical results for bending and buckling of rectangular orthotropic plates, Composite Structures 43 (1999) 289-299

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