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HyperView New Features

What's new in HyperView 2019? Watch the video to see what's new in the most recent release of HyperView.

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User Enhancements

  • Modify page and window properties within the Entity Editor in the new Session Browser to manage large sessions more efficiently by editing multiple entities simultaneously.

  • Use Boolean operators and wildcards in the find/filter fields to quickly create search keywords and filter values using the 'Add as Filter' context menu option in the Entity Editor.

  • Improved interaction between the graphics window and Results Browser.

  • Sets View available.

Entity Editor in Session Browser for quick access to window and page properties.

New result types

  • A complex filter with two options - mag*cos(wt-phase) and mag*cos(wt+phase) - is added to the Deformed panel; useful when viewing modal animations of complex analyses, such as frequency response.

  • When contouring tensor datatypes, Absolute Max Principal is computed as the largest of the three Principal stresses or strains in absolute terms.

  • Corner data force results are supported for Nastran OP2 and XDB result files.

  • Ply systems associated with composite solid elements can now be read from Radioss animation files.

  • Yamada-Sun 2D failure criteria now in Result Math composite library. An extension of Yamada-Sun, considering the failure index of ply stresses in ply Y-Direction, it evaluates the failure index in both x- and y-direction, taking the maximum value from these two as the final output.

Table View

  • Cells can be referenced as per common spreadsheet applications.

  • Templex expressions are available for math on table contents.

  • Tight interaction between Table View and HyperGraph, e.g. plots from Table View math results are possible.

Close interaction between Table View and plotting client


On screen editing of legends and iso-surfaces
On screen editing of legends and iso-surfaces

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