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HyperWorks Collaboration Tools

HyperWorks Collaboration Tools – an out-of-the-box solution enabling users to work in a powerful and truly collaborative environment within minutes.

The HyperWorks Collaboration Tools (HWCT) provides data organization and management capabilities for the CAE analyst, which are simply out-of-the-box features of the HyperWorks Desktop. Every HyperWorks user has these tools available to them. Nothing else is required to be installed or configured. So, you can start taking advantage of HWCT right away.

HWCT allows users to:

  • Explore their environment to easily find and retrieve data and files required by their simulations

  • Organize their simulation data and files

  • Connect to other tools within the enterprise


Integrated into all HyperWorks desktop file dialogs, the Explore dialog allows users to search and retrieve their simulation files easily and quickly.


Explore dialog allows for searching and retrieving files from a database


Within the Organize browser, users can:

  • Organize and manage their simulation data and files into libraries

  • Browse or search within personal and team libraries to find and retrieve contents

  • Retain pedigree via full life cycle operations including check-in, check-out and version control


Manage your files and retrieve information in the Organize browser


The HWCT Connect platform allows the HyperWorks Desktop to seamlessly connect to other tools within the enterprise, like PLM systems, material libraries, and other sources of data used by CAE analysts.

The bidirectional connections allow HyperWorks users to:

  • Directly access and retrieve data required by their analysis e.g. CAD or material properties

  • Publish information – e.g. meshes or CAE results and reports to the enterprise


Connect to databases including Teamcenter and Materialize

Libraries and Databases

HWCT offers several out-of-the-box connectors, including connections to Teamcenter and Windchill PLM systems and Total Materia, and Matereality material databases.

CAE Library

HWCT comes ready-to-use. Users simply create libraries which are then ready to be populated with simulation data and files. HWCT is preconfigured to recognize contents from typical CAE file types, such CAD files, solver decks, HyperMesh files, results files and more. The CAE library can be extended and easily customized to support additional content types, based on a particular customer’s needs. The out-of-the-box CAE libraries are perfect for individual users as well as for small teams, wishing to collaborate together within projects.

Enterprise Database

As the customer’s requirements scale, HWCT can scale with them. By deploying our centralized enterprise database, CAE content organization and management can be used concurrently by tens or even hundreds of users.

Material Library and Databases

The HyperWorks Material Library is a ready-to-use library for storing and managing CAE material data and files. By storing their CAE material information in the Material Library, users can guarantee access to the latest and accurate material information required by their simulations. Built on the Collaboration Tools framework, the Material Library utilizes all of the features of HWCT; however, it is a tailored solution specific to material management, providing:

  • Access to corporate material information

  • Seamless Integration within HyperWorks Desktop environment

  • Accurate properties for use in simulations

  • Keyword + Advanced Searches, Version control + Pedigree, Content Preview, Comparison, & more

Total Materia Premium Edition from Key to Metals AG is a comprehensive materials database of metals, polymer materials, ceramics and composites as well as a material properties resource for advanced structural and thermal calculations and analysis. It also provides stress-strain curves, fatigue data, formability curves, fracture mechanics information and creep data for thousands of materials. Users can connect seamlessly from HyperMesh Desktop to Total Materia. This integration allows users to directly access to the comprehensive materials database, search for materials required in their simulations and download and import directly into HyperWorks.

Workgroup-Material-DatabasePro from Matereality offers the building tools and engineer-focused software to allow workgroups to collect, share, and use any material data in full interactive detail, using a patented technology to store any properties of any material on a single platform.

HyperWorks 14.0 - New Features

With HyperWorks 14.0, users can now Subscribe to parts which reside in their corporate PLM systems. Using the new Subscribe dialog in HyperWorks, users can register parts of interest, check for updates, compare versions, and retrieve the latest version from the PLM system.


Subscribe to part chances is a new feature in HyperWorks 14.0

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