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Collaboration and Automation

Altair collaboration and automation tools can provide significant time savings by enabling seamless cooperation between team members. Furthermore, HyperWorks offers packaged solutions for the most typical CAE simulation tasks, automating the execution of reoccurring procedures and generating an easy-to-access repository of engineering knowledge.

Lead Time Reduction using Automatic Reporting Director (ARD) for MAHLE By using the Altair Reporting Director tool, Mahle was able to reduce the lead time for a report from over 4 hours down to less than 1 hour. Read Story
Efficient Simulation Data Organization and Collaboration in HyperWorks Simulation data has many unique aspects that require a specialized solution, especially to make it natural and useful for CAE engineers. We would like to introduce the HyperWorks Collaboration Tools to help organize and manage your data.

Collaboration and Automation

Collaboration Tools

Every installation of HyperWorks comes out of the box with the HyperWorks Collaboration Tools, providing users with features to help organize and manage their own simulation data and files and enabling cooperation amongst teams. These tools help with organizing simulation data, as well as searching or retrieving from other databases and PLM systems. When several people work on the same project, versioning helps to make sure that everybody stays informed and uses the latest files.


Automate is a new utility to define and execute repeating processes in an easy to understand and user-friendly graphical user interface. Utlizing Automate’s drag-and-drop interface, users can combine blocks of individual tasks into processes. For the individual engineer, a significant time saving can be achieved by automation of repetitive tasks, whereas method groups can predefine workflows to ensure compliance to corporate processes.

Packaged solutions

Altair offers specialized tools for typical CAE workflows, such as the Impact Simulation Director for efficient setup and analysis of cell phone drop tests, or the NVH Director as the market leader in full-vehicle NVH simulation.

Project Team Builder from SandboxModel is a software tool designed to assist project managers in taking the risk out of planning and executing their projects. It uses simulation technology to predict the project outcome resulting in better decision making, more accurate forecasts and ultimately better project results.

“This ML-Studio process automation solution with HyperWorks improves the quality of our NVH process and the productivity of our team a lot.”
–Dr. Dietmar Jennewein, Team Manager NVH
Adam Opel AG

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