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MFRC Showcase Video
AFDEX software for Intelligent Metal Forming

MAGNA Showcase Video
A short video by Axel Werkhausen showcasing FEMFAT as a comprehensive fatigue analysis tool.

Vortex Studio Create Overview Video
Discover how Vortex Studio helps you create better products.

Quick video showcasing CellMod FMU inside Altair Activate
CellMod FMU is the first Li-Ion virtual battery capable of predicting cell and pack behavior. This quick video demonstrates how CellMod FMU integrates with Altair Activate.

TracePro Showcase Video
TracePro is a powerful illumination and non-imaging optical design and analysis program with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Watch this quick introductory video on TracePro to learn more.

Cedrem Showcase Video
5-minute introductory video describing how KTex and HUByx by Cedrem offer dynamism and creativity in developing new numerical tools and new composite materials that lead to a service at the cutting edge of innovation.

Chiastek Showcase Video
4-minute video introduction showcasing CosiMate as a platform for modeling and visualization, analysis and optimization in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Matelys Showcase Video
AlphaCell for quick and accurate sound package design 

ESRD StressCheck Aero Wing Flap Video
ESRD StressCheck Aero Wing Flap Fitting Use Case

Tech-X Showcase Video
Tech-X Software for Electromagnetics and Plasma

AVL Fire - CFD for IC Engine Development
Introducing Fire M - The easy way to efficient CFD

Calculation Management with Maple
Maple is a software tool that can handle all your mathematical needs, from performing simple calculations to advanced computations, visualizations, data analysis, and algorithm development. In this video, you’ll see how Maple also helps you maximize the value of your calculation efforts, reducing risk while saving time and effort in both current and future projects.

DSA Showcase Video
A brief introduction to DSA, their two products available through the APA, and how they are applied to the oceanographic engineering process.

ThermoAnalytics Showcase Video
Introductory video to TAITherm from ThermoAnalytics.

AVL Showcase Video
A brief introduction to AVL, their three products available through the APA, and how they are applied to the powertrain development process.

RAMDO Showcase Video
Introductory Video to RAMDO from RAMDO Solutions. RAMDO is an uncertainty quantification, reliability analysis, and design optimization software platform.

Brüel & Kjær Showcase Video
Interview with Dave Bogema, Product Manager - NVH Refinement at B&K, presented at the 2017 Americas ATC East in Detroit, Michigan.

Intelligent Light Showcase Video
Yves-Marie Lefebvre, FieldView Product Chief at Intelligent Light, presented at the 2017 EATC in Frankenthal, Germany. Check out his one-on-one interview!

Additive Works Showcase Video
Nils Keller, Additive Works CEO, presented at the 2017 EATC in Frankenthal, Germany. Check out his one-on-one interview!

Virfac® Welding Scheduler Video
A brief walk through of Virfac® Welding Scheduler (no audio).

Elysium Solution Overview Video
An overview video of Elysium solutions and its advantages.

Video: Intro to the Maple Engineering Portal
Learn how the Maple Portal for Engineers helps you become productive quickly with explanations, examples, and sample applications designed for engineers.

Using Dynamic Analysis to Assess Mooring Deployment, Recovery and Performance
This video outlines an analysis carried out by Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd in partnership with DeepWater Buoyance to simulate the deployment, recovery and performance in current and waves of four buoys of various styles (spherical, ellipsoid, and streamlined) using their ProteusDS dynamic analysis software.

CADdoctor 7.1 Reverse Engineering Overview Video
Reverse engineering that transforms STL polygon data into b-rep CAD models.

Santos® Pro Introductory Video
Introductory video to Santos® Pro from SantosHuman Inc.

AFDEX Metal Forming Simulator
A brief video clip to AFDEX metal forming simulator by MFRC.
(no sound)

Altair Activate and XLDyn Integration
XLSE’s easy to use interface and project view capability is ideal for managers and teams to keep abreast of project status.

AlphaCell: Transfer Matrix Method vs Finite Element Method
Short technical demo of AlphaCell for NVH analysis regarding two separate methods of sound transmission loss computations.

Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro Product Overview Video
Short introduction to the material management software.

CONVERSE Technical Video and Demo
10 minute technical introduction and demo about CONVERSE.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION 2.1 Release Highlights
15 minute overview of CAEfatigue VIBRATION version 2.1 highlights.

ChassisSim Shaker Rig Toolbox Demo
Short demonstration video showing what the ChassisSim Shaker Rig Toolbox is and how to apply it.

Introductory Demonstration of How to Design a Race Car Using ChassisSim
Video demonstration of a general race car design in ChassisSim.

CAEfatigue VIBRATION Showcase Video
Short introductory video highlighting strengths and benefits of using CAEfatigue VIBRATION.

NovaFlow&Solid Foundry Center Demo
Guided tutorial video of the Foundry Center in NovaFlow&Solid.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: HPD
General guide video for using NovaFlow&Solid HPD.

NovaFlow&Solid CV Tutorial Video: Advanced Import
Advanced tutorial demonstrating proper file import.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: Piston Movement Function
Tutorial video specific to using the piston movement function in NovaFlow&Solid.

NovaFlow&Solid Tutorial Video: HPD Cycling
Tutorial video illustrating NovaFlow&Solid HPD Cycling.

LAP Technical Demo
Short technical demonstration of LAP for layered composite analysis.

HyperMesh + Key to Metals Integration Demo
Short demonstration of how the new integration between HyperMesh and Key to Metals works.

SEAM Showcase Video
Brief introduction to Cambridge Collaborative and its NVH software, SEAM.

DesignLife Showcase Video
Introductory video to DesignLife, durability and fatigue analysis software by HBM-nCode.

CoDA Technical Demo
Short demo of CoDA for component and composite design analysis.

FEMFAT Showcase Video
2 minute video introduction to durability and fatigue tool, FEMFAT. *Note: This video does not contain audio, but does include subtitles.

CONVERSE Showcase Video
2 minute video introduction to process structure interaction software, CONVERSE, from PART Engineering

Coustyx Showcase Video
2 minute video introduction to NVH software, Coustyx, from ANSOL

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