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HyperWorks Lifts the Aerospace Industry

Altair provides a comprehensive set of solutions to the Aerospace industry including efficient simulation modeling, design optimization, and leading solutions for implicit, explicit, electromagnetic, and Multi-body dynamics analysis.

Water Landing Simulation of the NASA Orion Crew Module T.K. Mattingly, former Apollo Astronaut and Director of Space Enterprise for Systems Planing and Analysis, reveals how he worked with Altair ProductDesign to simulate the water landing of the NASA Orion Crew Module.

RUAG Space Builds Reliable Satellites with HyperWorks RUAG Space significantly shortens development time of satellites with HyperWorks products.

Every design organization in the aerospace industry struggles day to day to deliver on-time and on-budget products of the highest technical complexity, which must also meet the strictest safety and performance requirements.

To succeed in this task, aerospace designers and engineers need to exploit the full potential of CAE. By taking full advantage of the capabilities of CAE early in the design process, the aerospace industry can predict performance, weight, and cost to support decision making while also accurately verifying designs to meet regulatory requirements.

Altair HyperWorks provides the best-in-class simulation tools to the aerospace industry for:

  • Minimum Weight Design

  • Efficient FE Modeling

  • Composite Design & Analysis

  • Electromagnetic Analysis

  • Stress Analysis

  • CAE Automation

CAE tools like HyperMesh, HyperView, OptiStruct, FEKO, and RADIOSS are becoming the new standard bringing aerospace simulation to the next generation.

“Optimization technology is a design game changer.”

–Brian Cottrell, Chief Engineer for Structures

Honeywell Aerospace


Jet engine simulation Modeling and simulation of global and detailed airplane models Composite failure simulation with RADIOSS in case of a bird strike Ply-based composites pre-processing and visualization OptiStruct composite optimization process Topology optimization and final result for an aircraft door bracket Kinematic analysis of landing gear FEKO for electromagnetic simulations such as scattering
Jet engine simulation Modeling and simulation of global and detailed airplane models Composite failure simulation with RADIOSS in case of a bird strike Ply-based composites pre-processing and visualization OptiStruct composite optimization process Topology optimization and final result for an aircraft door bracket Kinematic analysis of landing gear FEKO for electromagnetic simulations such as scattering
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Minimum Weight Design

Aerospace design faces a great challenge in creating structures that minimize weight while also fulfilling demanding functional requirements.

OptiStruct is the most complete and powerful structural optimization tool on the market, which is why it is so widely employed in this industry.

It has proven through several industrial applications how it can help structural engineers:

  • Design minimum weight structures while meeting design specifications

  • Enhance the concept and pre-design phase

  • Reduce design time and CAD/CAE iterations

  • Deliver innovative structural layout concepts

  • Track and manage weight and balance with Altair Weight Analytics

Efficient FE Modeling

Advanced modeling of global and local FE models

Aerospace structural analysts face a growing need for high quality results of FE simulations, while struggling to work within tight schedules and meet short deadlines.

HyperMesh and HyperView offer next generation modeling and visualization tools, gaining wide acceptance in the aerospace CAE community. They provide engineers a modern and efficient platform for processing FE models:

  • Direct interfacing with all major CAD packages including CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer and more

  • Powerful geometry clean-up and meshing technology typically allowing more than 50% time savings in the generation of FE models compared to legacy tools

  • Multi-solver environment: a single common CAE environment able to interface with all main aerospace solvers, RADIOSS and OptiStruct as well as third parties (Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, Dyna)

  • Full and easy FE model parameterization to update models following CAD changes or to quickly investigate variants and trade-offs

Composite Design & Analysis

A complete set of professional tools for composite design and analysis

These methods are all integrated into Altair’s leading optimization framework, allowing the many advantages of composites to be fully realized without going through an exhaustive design process:

  • Develop concepts designs in less time: Composite design synthesis to design the optimal composite lay-up structure that minimizes weight and maximizes strength

  • Analyze your designs quickly: Composite detailed analysis that includes a complete Composite Modeling and Analysis environment for a number of commercial FEA solvers

  • Test your designs for impact durability: Composite impact damage modeling that provides sophisticated numerical methods to predict fiber and matrix failure, delamination, rupture, and crack propagation

Take the guesswork out of composite design and know your design is accurately optimized by using the composite simulation tools available in HyperWorks.

Electromagnetic Analysis

The leading provider of electromagnetic analysis tools in aerospace and defense

Airplanes and helicopters rely on electromagnetic signaling for safe air operation and performing critical tasks to their missions. FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetics code used throughout the Aerospace and Defense industries to:

  • Optimize the placement of space and aircraft antennas

  • Perform radiation pattern analysis of communication antennas

  • Analyze pattern distortion of antennas due to shielding of adjacent structures

  • Design efficient cabling, cable coupling, and shielding systems

  • Understand effects from lightning strikes and how to mitigate risks

  • Evaluate the radar cross-section of designs

  • Develop effective radome designs

Stress Analysis

Stress, Mechanism and Vulnerability Simulation

Altair HyperWorks offers outstanding solvers for a wide variety of simulation disciplines within the Aerospace sector:

  • Stress Analysis: Global load calculation, transfer to local models and detailed stress analysis are all strengths of HyperWorks. OptiStruct is a market-leading solution for structural analysis and optimization and has great recognition throughout the Aerospace industry for its comprehensive capabilities

  • Dynamic simulation for vulnerability and composite design: RADIOSS is the preferred solution in Aerospace for performing bird strike, ditching, occupant simulation, and other complex safety analyses

  • Mechanism simulation: MotionSolve is a powerful product for full dynamic simulation, including those with flexible bodies. Landing gear, flap, and simple mechanisms are easily modeled and simulated with HyperWorks

  • Stress Analysis Data Transfer: The HyperWorks Matrix tool is a convenient environment for the stress analyst to move back and forth between CAE model results and Microsoft Excel. This tool allows the engineer to set up templates and easily perform math calculations on data coming from multiple sources to generate required certification reports

For all your Aerospace simulation needs, Altair has the solution for fast, accurate and reliable physics simulation.

CAE Automation

Whether you are a system integrator or supplier, minimizing design costs is a must to successfully compete in the aerospace market

Altair's simulation environment allows a high level of customization and process automation to streamline, accelerate, and standardize CAE processes:

  • Open platform which allows interfacing with in-house tools and handbook justification methods though user-defined templates (e.g. integration of analytic buckling/crippling analysis with FEA)

  • Utilities to automate repetitive tasks (e.g. automatic idealization and justification of rivets and bolts)

  • Creation of templates for automatic reporting (e.g. standardized stress reports, load case documentation, interface loads reports, etc.)

  • HyperWorks Process Manager can create templates for full CAE processes (e.g. automatic stress analysis of sheet metal secondary structure brackets)

  • HyperStudy can set up multi-disciplinary design optimization, stochastic, or parameter identification studies linking multiple commercial and in-house codes together to perform trade studies and design optimization

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